14 day lock :( ((( jesterday FB

revolution …. self-service 3:) )) fuck off FB
taggers u post what you want even self (Y)
I have too many cats to other posted = 14 day lock 😦 (((
I still know a trick / but I’m keeping quiet for more (absolute) higher emergencies on !!! the lockout is congruent with a fuck falling in my house here !!! can I realiesiren, whether the danger to reside in that house, to is still konntrol through me alone ??? or I have too much accustomed to the danger, and they underestimated ???

 is today a good day to DIE ???
with >>> http://x2t.com/TXLHaus .gif <<< ???

klick this link >>>> https://soundcloud.com/axis-6/sken-classic-techno-vol-1?in=kaufsimkiloberlin/sets/classic-oldschool-techno#t=59:00
??? not like it today !!! 😉 )))

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