The Sound Of Body…

Monday, April 2, 2012

The sound of the body. in some situations, some women remind some men of certain musical instruments. With Teatro Regio, Carlo Mollino about 1973 created an entire Opera House, the curved silhouette of a woman whose Grundriss looks like. On a photo taken at the presentation of the draft, he appeared with his co architects Carlo Graffi – Mollino holds an egg in his hand. The room, which accommodates spectators in 1600, is based on this form. He made no secret of the source of inspiration for the architecture of the entire building: it is the curvy silhouette of a young woman. The main theme is the color red. Something strange is the still authentic style of the boxes: on the expensive places you sit kerzengrade on dainty „Tulip chairs“ by Eero Saarinen. Even when the material mix in the break foyer, Mollino was absolutely at the height of his time. He was a classical dignity formulas in white marble only meagerly metered along the stairs. Dominant, however, raw is concrete, which he formed to leaf-like prisms, to achieve the most advantageous ratio of material use and span is. Striking, however, is the reference to the past in the supposedly old arcade, behind the Foyer lies hidden. He also comes from Mollinos hand, is at first glance but more reminiscent of the 19th century. Inside has Mollino also wrapped him in red carpet, built red smash sofas and – of course – spread an egg-shaped marble area in the Centre. So, as if he had still a second stage in mind, on the each visitor in the rest Defilee his own performance in the scene managed to.

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