Konstantin Alexandroff




I was born and grew up in Moscow, where I currently live. I have interests in many art, science and life areas, but this site is entirely about photography.

I’m doing photography for more than 5 years. Artistic nudes were my main interest from the beginning. My melancholic temperament, life experience and inner conflicts defined the meaning of my works. I don’t usually plan every little detail. I try to create an image, a story and a mood that will go well with the model and her inner world. And so the unique beauty of each person I work with is captured. Despite the nudity I actually consider my works as portraits. As for the naked body, it helps translating emotions and also emphasizes the natural beauty of the model.
That being said, I’m ready to apply my knowledge and experience to other related photography areas like fetish or beauty.

I’m also a founder of the photo-community dirtyangels.net, which is generally for the artists like me. So if you’re a skilled photographer, a model or just a fan of the dark beauty, we’ll be happy to see you there!
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