All clear on the Andrea Doria

17. August um 09:21

I´m OK (Y)
All clear on the Andrea Doria …………….. Lyrics
When Uncle Pö plays‘ ne Rentnerband
20 years Dixieland;
‚S Groupie hab’n also
which means pink or so
and the dancing auf’m table
wie’n Go-Go-Go Dancer.

And then Paula from St. Pauli
which always takes off
and Lola’s birthday
and you drink it,
that it really is as old times
as already looks now.

And anyway everything is now clear on the Andrea Doria.

Gottfried called the boy back there at the piano
and for each number Ragtime gets er’n grain und’n beer.

One type in the niche shocked his bride
and Bernie Flottmann thinks
he wär’n astronaut.
Now even takes an ‚over from the Dröhndiskothek
and I believe that our steamer goes down soon.

But everything else is now clearly on the Andrea Doria.

When Uncle Pö plays‘ ne Rentnerband
20 years Dixieland;
‚S Groupie hab’n also
which means pink or so
and the dancing auf’m table
wie’n Go-Go-Go Dancer.

It comes again does not matter
and Leda dreams of a pelican.
And anyway, everything is far too late
and the neurologist also not how it goes white.

But everything else is now clearly back on the Andrea Doria.
Andrea Doria

Hi Angie, I Merkel (merke = notice) me ……. Lyrics
In the Atlantic, at the bar
I met the sweet little Angela
she says: „Hey Udo, with your hat
I found you always quite good!
I heard your songs already on the black market
or in the FDJ,
my dress was blue
and my pony was fast! „

„Angie is here Press,
you coming to my suite? „
She says, „So fast to the room,
you’re ’s worse,
who knows what is happening ?! „

Already in the elevator she hums cute,
hums they cute my songs,
auf’m sofa, it jumps into my eyes,
her black-red-golden bodice

Hello hello, sweet, little Angie (Angela Hello)
pull the bangs smooth,
I whisper to you softly in his ear,
Hello Hello, sweet little Angie (Angela Hello)
even in hard times,
arrive sweet miracle …

And I still proper to her,
„Oh Angie, the Merkel I to me!“

We kraulten Storm
the eggnog
and I still thought: „Oh,
her poor hairdresser „
I stole it ’s Kiss
and was proud as a thief
and I gently: „I love you rechz dear!
Cuddle with which I find very cheerful
but only up to here and please do not tell
I told you that is far from being forgiven,
on Iraq, you at Bush on his knees.
And what you’re up with atom and so
I do not so scary.
The little man „made in Germany“, we get poorer
and life is expensive!
Girl, oh my girl,
I merkel it already,
which is probably unfortunately, unfortunately, nothing will,
with our sharp coalition!

Chorus (1x)

Hello, hello, sweet, little Angie (Angela Hello)
she says: „Good-bye,
I must go go just govern! „
Hello, hello, sweet, little Angie
and I still proper to her,
„Oh Angie, the merkel I me“

She pulled the pony smooth,
I took off his glasses,
One last deep look,
„Oh Angie, it was a brief happiness!“
She only says softly, at my door:
„Bye Udo, I merkerl me!“

Baby, when I’m down ……. Lyrics
and I feel weak
then you make me with Your Power
again strong and growing
when I get into a skid times
are you there and hold me
you’re the one that I never
which never lets me down

Or if I spinning
the last bills on the counter hau
not come three days after home
and got something with ner other woman
then you are like a sister
understands even those Flips
which ensures
that two still goes with us

Yes, we’ve seen the good times
and the bad times too
there where cold and windy roads to go
but each time the sun keeps shining through
I stood by you through thick and thin
and I’m standing by you still
cause I love you
yes, I love you – I always want

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